Thursday, May 14, 2009


Yesterday, for the second time in life, I cooked another mousedeer. huhuh... although it looked pitiful, it was really tasty..

After we got it, Ustad slaughtered it (actually I recorded the slaughtering process but due to respect some of my blog readers who can't stand blood, so I decided not to upload it). Then, happened to be it was Wednesday, and it was my turn to cook lunch and dinner, so, this Penangite cooked his special masala curry for dinner.. and this is the product...

(Pelanduk Masak Kari)

Anybody want some?


Fadhlah said...

uik...sedapkan?abg dah makan dua kali asli kasik..manis2 lembut gitu..tapi yang anak lagi sedap..

syenite said...

maaf nk tnye,
wasn't it you yg xleh tgk darah?
word verification: ateha

Azreen said...

ko kijam!!