Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Kehilangan seorang Guru yg amat saya sayangi..

There was once a teacher, a male, a short but steady, taught us Maths and made all of us love Maths till today.

He was so wonderful that he had never even once raised his voice to scold us even though we were all satanic and monkeyish in the classroom.

That perfect teacher was so persistent in teaching us and as a result, all of us had 4 books compiled together in each Maths A, B, C and D exercise books (it means, we all had 16 books each and everyone of us, he encouraged us to glue the books together to motivate us and to tell us that we were all Genius in Maths..)

He was Mr Dahlan from SMK Abdullah Munshi.. I really really really miss him.. I feel so blessed to be able to meet him during Farah's wedding last year before I flew to Sabah and also was so happy to meet him during our Pesta Pulau Pinang rendezvous and listened to his short but informative advice on how to move on in life.

I feel bad because I could not attend his funeral and I got to know his demise very late.. everything happens for a reason, i guess..

I pray that Allah S.W.T will place this wonderful, beautiful and magnificent soul among His faithful servants and bless this good man with His love and care..

I love you, Sir!


yanti said...


p/s bground lagu tu menghilangkan mood sedih..

Sir Matno said...

tu lah.. dok try nak tukar, takle plak.. adoi..

maaf ye..

connection sgt slow sebab tu takle tukar kot..


Fadhlah said...

amin..dah ramai pollow dia la..

syenite said...

tuesdays with mr dahlan