Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tadau Kaamatan Opening Ceremony

Pesta Keaamatan!

It has started in Sabah. All I have been waiting for! It was a treat for me, I guess. When I reached KK, the taxi uncle told me that Keaamatan Festival will be officiated at 8pm! I looked at my watch and it was 7.30pm!!!

I rushed into the hotel, prayed and walked straight to DBKK open area to snap pictures of everything that smelled of Kaamatan! Firstly, I captured (of course, with permission, Syitah!)the pictures of these ladies and gentlemen. Their costume reminded me of Acid, Aizu, Jehan, Cindy, Eliesa and Victoria (My TEYL classmates back in maktab when they performed during Malam Gerko!)

Then I walked around and saw this array of stalls or huts or whatever you name it that sell and display local handicrafts and delicacies.

They had a number of stalls, they did explain about the stuffs they sell

A troop of musicians and dancers (they are old, but they are GOLD)

Then, the colours of Sabah started to glow and blow into the air...

The Sumazau dance performance from the Kadazan Dusun Ethnic of Sabah.. Superb!

A marvellous show by the Muruts (got to know from the emcee that the Muruts were the last to give up Head-Hunting in Sabah)

This one really caught my attention and the Sumandaks really danced very gracefully and their movements were lightning swift- The Bamboo dance, another Murut performance on thanksgiving for paddy!

Selamat Hari Pesta Menuai to All my Sabahan friends! Tadau Kaamatan Ya Bah!


Fadhlah said...

matno ada menari tak masa performans tu?

syenite said...

woh cun akak dancer paling depan tu wewiiittt!~
bilakah kamu ke kk?
ndak bgtau pun huhu.
i thought i saw you in somebody's hilux at the jetty today,
but when i got home and went online, there were new entries about you in kk already!
kata nk bgtau bila smpai kudat?
why didn't you?

azfar khushairy said...

balik penang kan 31hb? see u soon

Anonymous said...

nape ang xmasuk unduk ngadau?