Saturday, August 29, 2009

To make a FETISH..

My Ramadhan started off with something that will remain unetched in my memory.. A trip to Brunei and Miri, Labuan and some other places in Sabah with friends. The pictures attached will speak on my behalf!

(ngehehehe.. panas seh!)

(what a pose!)

(beautiful Brunei mosque!)

(take note on the Jawi writing, not aizu, PLEASE!)

(best to have them around!)

(map reading when you think you are going off the track!)

(tiga sekawan lagik!)

(at the Sabah Museum.. Looks like Taman Rimba je?!)

(Bajau Laut in the making!)

(Dzull Fairool Fahmi's Prada from Labuan!)

(in the ferry to/from Labuan)

(kek yg sgt comel)


(buka puasa with Naza, Aizu and Joon Ming!)

p/s- kepada sesiapa yg berkenaan, SAYA DAH UPDATE BLOG!! :p

Monday, August 17, 2009


Why Matno, Why?

dah gatai sgt ke?
tulah, takmo kawin awai2.. hang dah ada calon ka?

Lots and lots of responses!
Malaih aku nak pikir dah.

"Love, like rain, can nourish from above, drenching couples with a soaking joy...
Sometimes, under the angry heat of life,
Love dries on the surface and must nourish from below, tending to its roots,
keeping itself ALIVE.."

Oh cuti, when are you starting? Am buckled with work!

Am suffocating!

"Ek eleh, mcm ko sorang je.. rilek ah bro!"

"Mcm mana nak rilek, keja bertimbun2.. sampai keje org lain pun kena buat gak! Kena buli ke tu namanya? Or, aku simply tak mcm dulu, mulut lazer?"

"Takut kot?"
"Nyampah dah lazer2 nie"
"Benci life mcmni"


Gaji masyuk,
Seronok tgk skrin atm bila duit dicucuk,
Jgn sampai jadi ngok!

Happy Holidays to all yg dah kerje keras
Happy Holidays to all yg dah kerje lembut
Happy Holidays to all yg tak keje lgsg, makin gaji buta!

Ala.. apa aku heran!

Kubur kau, kau jawab senirik!

Eh..Eh..Takle..Takle.. Aku tarik balik..

Kalau kubur kau, kau jawab seniri, pastikan amalan ko tu cukup ah..
Taknak ah menyusahkan org lain walaupun dah mati.. Yela, ko terjerit2 kena palu,
sian org yg tido di kubur sebelah you tu!

p/s- syitah, dah update!! :p.. lama dah nak update, tapi sibuk la..

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A full fledged teacher!

What does a full-fledged teacher mean?

A teacher who-
1)has passed the SPP interview and being promoted as a permanent government officer?
2)has successfully completed his/her probation period?
3)has now got his/her license to behave like what he/she wants?

All of the above, I think, and ...

~A full-fledged teacher is one who is able to rationalize what he/she is doing without giving senseless reasons for his/her actions..
~A full-fledged teacher is one who is now, accountable for everything he/she does in and outside of the classroom as long as teaching and learning, pupils, staff and school property as well as the contract that he/she is expected to abide by are concerned..
~A full-fledged teacher is one who is able to leave aside his/her predicaments despite any situations he/she may be in and be able to contribute whatever he/she can..

and finally,

~A full-fledged teacher is one who knows what he/she is doing and making sure what/she is doing is right and always is!

Am I one? Are you one? We ask, We introspect.

Once, a senior teacher asked me, "What does G.U.R.U stand for?", I snugged!
He said,-
G - Guna
U - Untuk
R - Rakyat
U - Umum

Happy 1st teaching anniversary to TEYLians! You are one bunch of crazy-yet-full-of-energy teachers! Way to go, brothers and sisters!!