Friday, March 6, 2009

Trials, turbulation and excitement..

Came out to Kudat with lots of anger bottled up. Boat uncle forgot to pick us up. Ended up boarding another boat (thank Allah) which happened to pass the river while the crocs were planning something on us (i think so)..

While waiting at the jetty in Kampung Palak, I was so shocked, mesmerized and at the same time prayed very hard. My Year 1, little bambino, Alina, was steering a boat!!! It was her turn (every friday afternoon--and i just got to know that when it has been happening continuously for three months) to be the boatwoman of the day. She was so confident, of course, no life jacket on her body, with the kain sarung of the school uniform all neatly wrapped up (like she was about to perform Silambam!)and with one hand steering the boat and another waving at this pathetic semenanjung teacher with soon-to-get-a-heart-attack look on his oily yet full of worry face!

I have never steered a boat all my life. When I was talking to this pengkalan lady(oh yah, i waited for my the second boat to pick me up to Karakit--of course I can't join Alina because they were going back home and not to Karakit), I got to know all the stories about Alina and her family. It was her father's boat that the girl was using and there were four of them. The brothers would start the engine and they take turns to be the boatmen/boatwoman. They travel around one hour plus every day without fail (unless if it rains cats and dogs, of, course they can't make it)to school.

All I could say were endless prayers to Allah to save them from any thinkable and unthinkable disasters. Only ALLAH is their saviour and they have each other's support accompanying them.

Some pictures for everyone. Say your prayers to my courageous pupils, won't you?

(Arif was answering february monthly test. This boy reminds me of my primary school days.. My mom loved to comb my hair like that!)

(my year 2&3 kids answering english test. so many facial expression. susah kot?!)

(year 6 scrap book project. They can do it actually, malas je..)

(an attempt to teach Year 6 cursive writing...buleh tahan kan?)

(so many people have been asking how karakit-the jetty in banggi looks like.. hmm.. well this is the jetty area... surprise!!!)

(ahahahaha.. tu la toilet kat jetty karakit! nak berak pon tak jadi!!)

Ok friends, will update again next time. leave your constructive feedback. Kalau taktau nak cakap elok2, jgn ckp. Buat menyemak blog aku je. Especially to AHMAD!


syenite said...

wide betul vocabulary diorg hehe.

begitu jetinya. patut la ustazah yg wat dokumentari tu susah ati. tu belum tgk your school lagi kan? ;p trus dia masuk talk show oprah nanti hehe..

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Silverleaf said...

Ohhh and when I was in year 1...I was afraid to get on the boat...and she actually steering it....what a story.....

Anonymous said...


try la skali berak kat jamban senget tuh...

Fieza said...

OMG! matno.. year one steering a boat!! how come u didnt get her pic?? hehe.. God i hope she'll be's so sad to hear about a girl so young having to do what she has to do.. how is she in class.. thanx for the pics.. real nice of u to upload them.. ur pupils look very sweet.. =)

P/s: Do people go into that toilet at the jetty? looks scary..

Fadhlah said...

cikgu english tu...mana la tak power vocab dia tu..hahaha..lain la cikgu celup cam aku nie..speking je pandai..suh amik exam..amik ko..klu tak band 3..hahaha..matno..tangkap la lagi gambo bebanyak..mcm excited ajer nak pe kudat tu...silap la pe labuan ari tu!

Miss Xara said...


Sir Matno said...

oh thank you.. tgk la sapa cikgu nye.. discombobulated!

you were in standard one when you were scared of boat, but i am teaching in the island and i am still scared of boats! irony huh?!

aku paling takut nak p toilet tuh. sanggup tahan sampai ke kudat.. dalam feri ada toilet, tapi busuk la... selamat lagi though!

yup.. people still go to the crooked toilet. i won't and never been. Thanks.

welcome to Kudat. Ala, english ni belajar je, mesti leh pandai..

Miss Xara,
hehe.. our destination tomorrow dear!