Monday, March 2, 2009

Ahmad.. Oh.. Ahmad...

Out of a sudden, I got some comments in my blog entries by these "alienated" soul who disguised himself in the beautiful name "AHMAD". For my friends who do not understand Arabic, Ahmad in Arabic means All the praises (which are meant only for Allah).

I was dumbstruck as well as dumbfounded to read such comments from him, who may have known me and may not (i guess, he knows me but he has not been in touch for years and now, as some guilt is rushing up or perhaps out of curiosity on what I am up to right now, he wrote some comments that vividly portrayed his BEHAVIOUR!)

anyway, that was not the point. You may study or have studied in the most prestigious university or whatever you call it, but all that shows out from your comments can be said that you do have not learnt ANY SINGLE THING pertaining to life and how you deal with it!

thank you for the comments which I know you would have meant to humiliate me (as it may have always been your attitude to do that to others whom you feel are superior in any sense and whom you feel should be under your control in any ways)

Islam teaches lots and lots of politeness. If I said anything that have hurt you, i am sorry. But you really did something that could tarnish my image but I don't give a damn on what you have got to say because I pretty know you do not know me as much as I know you!

Take care, AHMAD! may allah's blessing be upon you wherever you are. Just remember, what allah has given you can be taken away from you any moment he wants just like what he may have done to you in the past. You do not introspect, I guess, because you may be someone who is easily contented with what you have!

p/s- ahmad, mind your grammar! When you use "You", it is a plural subject, so, it should be followed by plural verb "Suck" not "Sucks".. mind you, I am a full-fledged ENGLISH TEACHER! and vulgarities just make you more stupid in every ways it could. Include more dzikir in your words, it eases your pain alot!


yattt said...

matno!aku pon penah komen macam tu jugak. lagi teruk. Tapi, life kena teruskan tanpa mempedulikan spesis ini.chill out!pikirlah, ada lagi yang kena komen teruk dari least this moron kita tak kenal. so tak la sakit ati sangat pa.jangan complicate benda kecik like what u said.but watever, i still sayang mr M.usah pedulikkan Mr A tu..!


Sir Matno said...

i smiled alot..
am not hurt as much though, Yattt. tapi aku tak paham sebab ada lagi makhluk ni yg tak sedar diri dan tak reti nak get out of my life!

aku tak peduli pon kat dia, just that his bloody comments need to be attended too so that people who think along his line(aku confirm ada suku sakat dia yg mcm tu, yg jenis tak senang tgk org len senang) will know how spiteful i can be!

anyway,my dear, aku pon sayang kat Mr M tu. muahahahaha.

let's don't give a damn on that guy--highest order of stupidity, arrogance and i would love to add, highest order of coward!!

-me- said...

holla matno~~!!! rilex2..orang tue jealous hang banyak peminat...wakakakaka...coward gila...kalo berani cakap depan2 la kan kan kan ...setakat menyembunyikan nama dan identity buat ape...hihi..teruskan keglamouran anda wahai afdlin matno~~!! :P :P

yattt said...

sebenarnya manusia yang cakap tu dia jeles ar aku rasa..sebab ang HEBAT!chayok2!untung apa ada orang amik berat pasal kita..huhuhu..

syenite said...

i'm amazed that although you're upset, you can still write and get your message across in sane, tolerable-to-read sentences. either you are at a higher level of emotional-control than the rest of us or you're just good with words. haha.

hmm, highest order of cowardice?

"the highest achievement that they can attain is the highest order of stupidity" haha kijam!

Sir Matno said...

am not sure about my emotional state because lots of work at the moment...

agree! cowardice and highest order of achievement that guy could get is the highest order stupidity and utmost level of self-maniac attitude!