Saturday, March 21, 2009

Going back to where I used to be...

Hmm.. Had fun during the short one week break with my beloved friends.. It was so wonderful and I really forgot all my mishaps and work and problems and whatever not back at school...

(Shoba and I.. My fighting Akka.. I just don't know why I always fight with her but I love her so much so that she is always my best akka --Suga, ang pon kakak yg baik jugak.. Jadi jgn jeles!)

Now, I am packing up my stuffs to go back to Banggi.. Hmm.. Moral obligations, so to speak (quoting Dzull here)

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(ni lah moral obligations nyer...)

(I want to go back just because of THESE KIDS.. JUST BECAUSE OF THEM!!)

All the best to all my fellow friends who are going for the SPP interview.. Have a mind blasting interview. If the interviewer is silent, you ask question!

Take care and till I update again, that's when I have the chance to update!

P/S- en fadhlah, org sayang kat awak juga.. muahahahahaa..

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yattt said...

fine!syg padlah je!