Monday, March 23, 2009



why do we need interviews??
it is just like observations! it's freaking f**king scary!!!


I am stressed!!!

Yanti said that she was talking to the interviewer like he was one of the "pakciks" she would talk to.. So cool!

mine?? nightmare??

Only Allah knows what's going on inside my so-stuffed-with-notes brain!

Wish me luck ya for Wednesday, 25th March 2009, 1030am session!

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... ( a very long endless sigh)


yanti said...

waah..dah jer noor. mula2 tu org mmg cuak abis tapi kunun2 ok jer depan dia..mmg dirang akan tolong kita..just pray dapat interviewer yang ok.dato' tu masa pagi byk gak kena soalan skema ngan dia tapi lepas dia minum pagi ok la plak soklan yang ditanya.hehe,kot2 dia dahaga kot..
mmg la risau,tapi jgn pikir sangat.bak kata sarah,90% from the school.kalo dah laporan sulit tu skor maknanya dah lulus la interview tu.
yang cuaknya masa menunggu macam ni.masa dalam bilik tu goreng jer apa yang patut..

syenite said...

laporan sulit 90%...?

owh confirm matno lulus!


black + spider = macho ar.....kunun. hehe gurau2.

p/s: blogspot xbest! susah mau komen. brape kali ntah error. nk komen page reen pun xleh. demmit.

Silverleaf said...

not 90% but 60% from the school...I even wrote my own recommendation to give to the interviewers...It was supposed to be the GB job but she asked me to do it...Ohhh and of course I made it good...then the interviewers just asked simple questions...if your relationship with the GB is can pass it...Ohhh by the way that was more than 3 years ago......