Wednesday, July 1, 2009

have you ever thought..

have you ever thought what would happen once you close your eyes forever?
have you ever thought what would happen when you leave without a word?
have you ever thought what would happen if the world comes down to your knee?
have you ever thought what would happen if time stops spinning?

people say,
"Why do I need to bother what happens next?"
"Why do I need to say anything?"
"Why do I need to be bothered about others?"
"Why do I need to think of that?"

people do reply,
"I will be six feet under!"
"I will never be forgiven!"
"I will run for life!"
"I will freeze!"

some laugh,
some cry,
some cough,
some smile!

and you?

have you ever thought about it?


dummie-dummie-dot-dolly said...

yes, aku pnah ter-pike neh. pagi2 mase hari MJ meninggal tu. i was about to drive to school. dan tetibe terlintas...
"cane klu aku mati nnti eh?"

ade faedahnye jgk kematian MJ padeku.

sHaH said...

i thought about it..
i thought about who would abg matno be married to before i close my eyes forever..

(siap la kena hambat ngan abg matno pasni.. isu sensitif nih..)

syenite said...

i never really give it a thought..

tapi, ada terfikir kalau anything bad happened like apocalypse ke yg sure mati, i would rather be with my family. who doesn't eh? =]

LiNda said...

fuhh ! banyak sungguh persoalan demi persoalan .

persoalannya....bukan pada jawapan, tetapi sejauh manakah persediaan yang telah disediakan .