Saturday, August 29, 2009

To make a FETISH..

My Ramadhan started off with something that will remain unetched in my memory.. A trip to Brunei and Miri, Labuan and some other places in Sabah with friends. The pictures attached will speak on my behalf!

(ngehehehe.. panas seh!)

(what a pose!)

(beautiful Brunei mosque!)

(take note on the Jawi writing, not aizu, PLEASE!)

(best to have them around!)

(map reading when you think you are going off the track!)

(tiga sekawan lagik!)

(at the Sabah Museum.. Looks like Taman Rimba je?!)

(Bajau Laut in the making!)

(Dzull Fairool Fahmi's Prada from Labuan!)

(in the ferry to/from Labuan)

(kek yg sgt comel)


(buka puasa with Naza, Aizu and Joon Ming!)

p/s- kepada sesiapa yg berkenaan, SAYA DAH UPDATE BLOG!! :p

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