Friday, January 9, 2009

After not updating for a total one week!

Yahoo!!! At last, I got to go out to Kudat!! ngeheheheheh...

Been in the jungle for a week, life surrounded with mud and dirt. huhuh.. so pathetic...

was so sad to see the kids coming to school mingled with mud and flood waters.. but i admire their courage.. bravo kids, my prayers for you will be there always.

we are having the cold season right now in Banggi, so, the island is practically flooded! mud, mud and mud everywhere, and no fish-catching activity is allowed, so, no fish for the past one week!!! adoi!!

anyway, workload seems to add on and on and on... tired lah, boss!

Glad to see 4 year 1 pupils in the school.. one boy (Yusry) always cries when any teacher enters the class.. to my surprise, he has stopped crying when I managed to draw an apple and an ant in his exercise book! (wah... aku sudah pandai melukis, bah! thanks to Thulsy for the great encouragement!heheheh)

will update more when I have the chance.. wish me luck ye..

till then, lots of hugs and love from Cikgu Matno, live and alive from Banggi Island!

p/s- happy chinese new year to all my beloved chinese friends, lecturers, neighbours and all out there. Happy hols too..

p/s2- selamat pengantin baru, abg razak.. semoga berbahagia ke anak cucu.. sorry, Noor tak dapat hadir ke kenduri kawen abg... nanti noor beli hadiah dari sabah eh.. huhuh

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