Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What's New Year all about?

Did not write for some time. Enjoying some peace during the holidays.

Muharram 1430 H has just started. Endless text messages beeped on our mobile phones. Same with me. Thank you, people. Sorry if I did not reply your text messages. I may have forgotten but the thought counts a lot.

New Year 2009 starts tomorrow. As usual, we will have a list of new year resolution. DO we really follow the list or we just merely do that in order to follow the current of what others are doing?
Only we have the answer for that.

I will be back in Sabah very soon. Mixed feelings again, but this time, I will go back with more confidence (ye la, gaji dah ade kan..heheheh).

To all out there, i would love to seek apology for all the hurts I have caused in you, for all the spiteful words I have said and for the unintentional or intentional acts I have done to you. I am very sorry for that.

Happy New Year 1430 Hijriah and Happy New Year 2009. May Allah bless the new year ahead of us and may this year be a better one than the previous years.


Anonymous said...

blog about your trip to singapore =P

syitah said...

with more confidence ye..huhu saye respek anda lah!~ saye tidak boleh begitu.....

xpe, kite enjoys! hahaha karat.

Sir Matno said...

nothing much to tell about singapore except for the boastful people there. drop the word bitch in my comment and add on to yours. you are adding up to the quality now! hehe

ye.? time kasih bah.. kita enjoys?? salah tu.. kita enjoy. kita adalah ramai, takle guna "S".. ahaks..

syitah said...

you're not serious are you?
omg, it's a joke!

kita enjoys!

xpenah dgr ye?