Monday, November 24, 2008


Been a tiring day. Fatigued. Run Down. Flabbergasted.

opss.. I forgot another favourite word- DISCOMBOBULATED! (syitah mesti bengang lagi dgn perkataan nie.. muahahahah)

Behind all the tiredness, something remarkable is the relation between the mind and the lectures.

Whatever said during the lecture does leave an impact,be it greater or maybe just a simple one to all of us (wait.. if you did not fall asleep during the two-hour slot each)

Educational managements, financial in education and the history do tell us something about the profession we are in.

An old saying goes like this, " As a teacher,we should be a guide by the side and not a sage on the stage"

How far is the truth?

I feel that as teachers, I have to put up with multiple roles so that I won't be distressed with all the endless workloads (hmm... does that mean I must be a hypocrite, adding to THE LIST which has existed so far and there are more people going into the list day by day?!) think about it.

and now..

Time to go to Lalaland, where nobody is a hypocrite there. I love it there. ALTHOUGH IT IS ONLY IN DREAMS, AT LEAST PEACE AND SERENITY is available there, bah!

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