Monday, November 3, 2008

A long way to go from a very long start!

Well.. The title explains everything.. I haven't written for so long (totally occupied and equipped with school work plus no internet nor mobile coverage at Banggi Island which puts an undeniable full stop on my writings in the Internet!)

Have written in Friendster for a couple of times, but as my dear friends (like Syitah, Yati and not forgetting Dzull and Anne) who have always been motivating (did you people motivate me?! wink wink) to start a blog and keep it updated so that mine wouldn't fall in the "dead blog" category (quoting Dzull), at last, I found the time to start it

I am thankful that I can write here with all my heart and soul (wallaweh, jiwangnyeee..) to share and to be aware, to give and to live and finally to learn and to earn in anyways that can make me and others happy.. (ye ke??!)

I know my future writings would be at times emotional when other times it would be thought provoking and sometimes craving for attention (hahahah), yeah, need your views be it supportive or negative (anything da..) so that it can help me to cope with what I am going through or any of my friends or someone I know is going through any kinds of situation which you can help to repair.

Till then, I adjourn this entry with what Jedy ( a friend in my school) said to me when I first was asked to "teach" English for the teachers there. "Sir, something and everything here is terpelanting!" and my reply was only ... "What the.....????"

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