Friday, February 4, 2011

It comes again

Yes, time to update the blog as well as to see if I can still construct English sentences. Alhamdulillah, I can.. Thank you!!!! :)

Looks like there are many excuses I have given to myself and others for not writing the entries (technically, typing) for some time. School work (tahun ni aku jadi guru PSS-tetap dan berpencen, guru kelas tahun 4-penuh dengan tawa nangis oleh budak, oh ya guru inventori, YOU! ntah apa kejadah aku kena buat, guru penyelaras persatuan kebudayaan-oh Glee lah gamaknye, guru takwim dan jadual waktu-ni pun mcm tetap dan berpencen je, ketua panitia BI-mcm dah tercop kat dahi je, and not forgetting, teaching 31 periods for Year 1, 4, 5 and 6.duh! KSSR lagi.. ) ok enough with the blab on the teaching.. Hey Matno, you are not the only one okeh! So, shut the **** up! Muaah!:p

In January, the school was hit with flood.. Again, I was extremely happy but this time, the flood was terrible.. Worse than the last year.. I have snapped some pictures for you to judge.. Kasihanilah kami di pedalaman. We still went to the classes to teach, you know, despite the fact that water-snakes were having some gala time feasting on the 'temporary-filled with amphibians-pool' created by the heavy rain!

Here are the pictures..

(beautiful view, rite?..)

(check out the parabola and the office building..)

(my PK KoKum finding a way to reach me.. hehehe)

(my new GB..)

(guru Malaysia..)

(the school field..)

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