Monday, October 25, 2010

Walk the Life

Was invigilating exam this morning, bored and bloated, took a pen and started scribbling on the 'Kertas kajang' and this was what I got!

As the sun shines every morning,
we tell ourselves that
all we have today is courage..

Even though the same shine
wouldn’t be as bright
we will always know
it will always be there
for the ones who
believe that
life isn’t to be cried for
trivial matters..
life isn’t to be wasted on
hurtful memories..
life isn’t to be ended for
bad experiences..

Rain does wash away
the sadness we go through,
Sun comes to brighten
our smile from within
so that our life
will continue to persevere and be preserved..

p.s. syitah, at least i updated my blog kan? ;p


Fatin Filzah said...

Let's go and have some jihad.

syitah said...

matno, i've updated mine also!

blogspot skrng haha