Monday, February 15, 2010

Aceh and I..

15 February 2010 in Acheh.

My eyes were widely opened (I mean, the one outside and the one in-sight!) when I saw the left over wreckage in Banda Aceh from the Tsunami which hit this part of the world in 2004.

Seriously, I was filled with mixed emotions when the Adik tour guide explained and detailed everything to me one by one, putting it in his own words on how he personally survived from the Tsunami. There was a long scar on his stomach which will never be forgotten by him.

These pictures (not all I have attached here), will tell you some of my own viewing of the affected area. Although it has been 6 years now, the feel of the tremor is still embroidered somewhere in the pillars of their hearts. Let's say some prayers for the ones who have passed on before us so that there will be someone who will say prayers to us when we leave... Al Fatihah..


yattt said...

Ya Allah!perot ang..makin besaq!huhu

Sir Matno said...

Ish ang ni.. tu baju yg besaq la! :p

sang bingung said...



sir matno update la blog tu... :) busy betul ye.. haha..

Fatin Filzah said...

:) Bestnya dapat pergi jalan jauh.