Monday, October 12, 2009


It has been such a long time since I wrote in my blog. Time has always been so jealous of me and I could not get myself to sit and think and scribble (Can I scribble with the keyboard??) something ponderable!

Mean time,in my silence...

Yeah, one of my best friend, Tina, got married to Asri. Very sweet guy. Tina, please always remember that you are married, leave off your GEDIKNESS ok.. hehehe.. You are one gem and you have got one for yourself too!

yeah, someone close to my heart got divorced! The husband is really a nutcase to leave her alone for months and bibidi bobodi boo.. He was back in his own country.. Yeah, she got married to a Pakistani. She has been with him for four years and now, she is doing it all herself. May she find a better person. Allah's tests are accountable for us because we are not tested beyond our capabilities.. Insyallah!

Yeah, I have proposed to a girl whom I love so much (silently) that I am ready to marry her and if she was ready too.. AND YES, SHE SAID "SAYA BERSETUJU BERKAHWIN DGN MUHAMMAD NOOR BIN ABDUL AZIZ" Yabe da be dooooo!

Yeah, One of my cousins gave birth to a pair of twins! She has 3 sons and has always been working and hoping for a girl and bibidi bobodi boo.. there came a pair of beautiful plump girls out of her womb! Congrats sis!

Yeah, Tina's grandmother and her mother in-law passed away very recently. May Allah accompany their souls THERE.. As for Tina, two new birth are definitely going to make all your family members and in laws happy.. AGAIN.. Insyallah!

I guess, it is enough as for now. Hopefully, I will have the time and opportunity to write again. and of course with lots of PICTURES! :p

p.s. - congrats to Fatin Filzah! :p hihihih..


syenite said...

woh bukan rahsia lagi..!
tina's MIL too?

acid said...

very happy 4 u... really am...:)

En. Romzi said...

lama tak jumpa..

yanti said...

huhu..heppiii for u!!! *grin