Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Observations and Practicum and Teaching and Whatever!

This morning a teacher from my school was observed by his lecturer from IP Kent. Hmm... I think my fellow TEYLians will be in the seventh heaven if they read this post.. What happens was, this was the first and last observation by the lecturer! it means, his PR1 and PR2 for major and minor were carried out today. He was in a total wreck! Moody, (like I was not during practicum, and still am!wink wink) his lesson plans were in a total mess(you guys must know that they have to print out their lesson plans and attach it in their folder) but his ABM was superb. He is a guru pemulihan..

That is not the issue.. What I realize was the lecturer concern was not happy with his teaching and he was commented (yup critical comments, as our lecturers would say!). His PR2 was affected in some ways. Mcm tak adil plak aku rasa. It was all because the lecturer could not come to the school as often as our lecturers (my school pedalaman dua--itu sebabnye??!!!!), and my fellow colleague was expected to give his bestest best shot for the first time observation!! sungguh tak adil!

during my practicum period, mr teoh objected to enter the class once because he was leaving for maktab to officiate their debate competition when I did not sleep the whole night during a piece of teaching aid (the puzzle which was my best teaching aid). I was in a total madness and nearly attacked him and he changed his mind and stayed! yoooooohooooooooooooooooo!!

Tapi bila aku pikir balik arini, sian mr teoh sebab aku kacau hidup dia aritu.. tapi kan, you would know how i planned my work and how devastated i was to only know that it would be scrapped down! what a blessing though, huh?!

ntahlah, rasa mcm nak tulis pasal apa yg berlaku pagi tadi, tu je.. lagipon, yati dan syitah dah hint yang i have not updated my blog , so, here it is, bacelah!

nak p mandi dan siap utk maghrib! huhuhuh


syenite said...

bila plak aku kata...

aku kata, dah skolah ade internet, leh la update selalu. kan ko baru je update.

haih ;p

Sir Matno said...

ini bukan komen yang saya harapkan.. muahahaha... komen tentang blog yang ditulis bah!
p/s- i have got panggilan for temuduga.. 25th march

yattt said...

birthday aku la ang interview!insYaALLah!

Sir Matno said...

saja taknak cakap interview aku on your birthday.. huhuhu... semoga penemuduga aku tu orang yg leh paham aku dan bagi aku lulus.. huhuh

syenite said...

wah tahniah! alhamdulillah..
xdpt la kita bersama2 ke marina dan lepak2 online sambil tuggu giliran interview haha.

good luck ya!~

pasal entry: arini pun my collegue di observe. kami ramai2 tolong dia warna kad utk her kids hehe.

Fieza said...
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Fieza said...

uh-oh.. i really didnt like the observing part in practicum.. love the experience tho.. and the teylianz around me.. =) now no more.. =(